The Viennese label OKKA Design was founded in 2013. We only produce things with real leather, silk and consciously chosen surface textures. Love of detail bestows on all things OKKA a timeless design.

OKKA goods are produced in Vienna and in the European area partly in meticulously crafted by hand by the label owner herself; but we also work together with social projects (e.g. supporting refugees) for larger productions. OKKA has in its core a very strong focus on local production to minimise transport costs and emissions. The same thoughts go into the choosing of the materials: the ecological aspiration is as important as the design. The leather of the bags/rucksacks is made from vegetable tanned (or chromium-free tanned from production surplus) leather. We only use products that leave the least ecological foot print. Therefore we use for our accessories also leather from production surpluses or even vintage leather, if it is in great condition.

OKKA Design means clear conscience, lightness and timeless design. The products are functional, for example the bags can be adapted in a few steps for every situation. A design, that is perfect to change within the speediness of the big city. But a quality that stays with you over the years.

The naming of OKKA is dedicated to our beloved granny.